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Dazzle™ is the sweet, crisp ready-to-eat apple that’s amazingly delicious. Bright red with vibrant, glossy skin, Dazzle™ apples are packed full of juicy flavor with deliciously sweet, bright white flesh and a watermelon like crunch.

Dazzle™ apples are sun-kissed, soaking up the golden rays of the sun and infusing the firm red skin with natural antioxidants to produce an apple like no other. Rich in Vitamin C and high in fiber to support a healthy immune system, Dazzle™ apples are a deliciously pure addition to any balanced diet. Best of all, Dazzle™ apples stay fresher for longer, so your Dazzle™ apples will keep their fresh-picked perfection long after you’re ready to eat them.

Nurtured in optimal conditions in the orchards of New Zealand and the world, Dazzle™ is the natural result of abundant sunshine, fresh air and healthy soil. Quite simply, Dazzle™ is an apple as it should be – and that’s magic in every bite.

Dazzle™ Apples

The Dazzle™ Apple story begins in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, where a group of apple growers banded together, dedicated to sharing this delicious new apple variety with the world. Find out more...

Fresh Picked Perfection

Dazzle™ Apples are beautifully red, crisp and delicious. Discover the beauty of a Dazzle™ apple today...


Dazzle™ Apples from New Zealand are exclusively available from a selected group of exporters.

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