Organic Dazzle™

Bostock New Zealand is the exclusive grower of organic Dazzle™ Apples in New Zealand.

Organic apples are bursting with flavor and are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are free of synthetic pesticides and artificial substances and are safe to eat straight from the tree.

Bostock New Zealand organic Dazzle™ apples are grown naturally in rich, fertile soils, high in organic matter and nutrients in the fertile soils of the Heretaunga Plains in Hawke's Bay, one of the purest growing environments in the world.

Organic production relies on nature to do the work and uses low inputs, with nutrients recycled back into the soil.

Sustainable Growing Practices

Bostock New Zealand is the largest organic apple producer in the Southern Hemisphere and is 100 percent owned by John Bostock, who is the pioneer of commercial organic apple growing in New Zealand.

For over 20 years, Bostock New Zealand has been growing organic, healthy apples and has a proud history of sustainable growing practices.

Our orchards are located in the beautiful, fertile plains of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand – one of the purest, growing environments in the world. The air quality is clean and our apple trees are irrigated with fresh artesian groundwater, which is so pure and delicious you can drink it straight from the well.


Organic Orchards

Bostock New Zealand’s organic apples are free from synthetic pesticides and other artificial substances and are safe and healthy to eat. Organic means non-GMO, so the use of genetically modified organisms is prohibited in organic products. We are proud to work in partnership with nature to protect the land for future generations.

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