20 Years in the Making.

Dazzle™ Apples were developed by Plant and Food Research after 20 years of painstaking research at their research station in Havelock North, New Zealand.

Fruitcraft, a collaboration between three of New Zealand’s largest growers – Mr Apple, Bostock New Zealand and Kiwi Crunch – has been granted the master licensing rights from Prevar, for production and marketing of Dazzle™ worldwide after the growers tasted the new variety and were delighted with the beautiful flavor and superb crisp, white flesh of Dazzle™ apples.

Seen as the biggest development since the launch of Royal Gala, decades ago, Dazzle™ apples have been taking the world by storm and the group is excited to see Dazzle™ apples take their rightful place on the world stage.

Many New Zealand apple growers as well as selected growers throughout the world will grow the apple variety PremA129, which is known and sold as Dazzle™.


The crunch of New Zealand

Dazzle™ is the sweet, crisp ready-to-eat apple that’s amazingly delicious. Bright and glossy on the outside, it has a full, juicy flavor, and sparkling, firm white flesh.

Best of all, it retains its fresh-picked perfection right up until the time you choose to eat it.

The secret behind Dazzle™ apples are all in the growing. Nurtured in optimal conditions in the orchards of New Zealand and the world, Dazzle™ is the natural result of abundant sunshine, fresh air and healthy soil.

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